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Listening to the littlest
by: Ruth Reardon

If I have special needs, Remember........they are special, but I am not.
I am not a "special child", but a child with special needs.
Be sensitive, and make allowance. But whenever it is possible,
treat me like all the rest.
Don't let those special needs be all you see of me.
Give me the dignity of living with the same rules as others.
Not set apart, or different, except where I must be.
Keep me and others from using handicaps!

~Featured Articles~

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Nicky goes to Camp Wonder by Silvia Corradin
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My Story by Jennifer Kirk Deprizio
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The History of EB info World: A mother's journey by Silvia
Have a Heart for EB by Lorraine Cameron
Nana Grams by Cindy Guthrie
Remembering Ryan by Jen O'Neil
Life with Andy by Mary Jo Burgy
Jonathan's smile by Brenda Gionffrido
EB Conference 99 Souvenir by Silvia
The Biggest Influence Of My Life by Heather Wagner

The Devastation that is EB by Denise Ippolito Dandurand

~Featured EB parent/caregiver~

Happy Mother's Day!
Melissa & Greg Gray
Molly Barber
Tammy Bradley
Mary Jo Burgy

Sheri Coil

Silvia Corradin
Cindy Fairbanks
Brenda Gionfriddo
Debby Lilly
Angela Nini
Andrea Olinger
Liesbeth Parlevliet
MaryBeth Sheridan
Connie Smith
Sandy Snell

~Featured EB Patient~

Brogan Ayre
Rachel Barber
Christopher Bradley
Jeffrey Thomas Bradley
Lizie Fernandez
Jonathan Gionfriddo
Sophia Maria Litynski
Dennis Parlevliet
Corey Silveira (Coil)
Faith Smith
Daniel Stachoviak
Wesley Stone
Xander Stowe
Ian Swarr
Kallista Thompson
Antonio Torres
Andrew Willett
Harrison Wong
Nicholas Zahorcak

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How lovely to think that no one needs wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world!
--Anne Frank

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