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My son Nicky suffers from a devastating skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He is now 13 years old and we recently found out that he might be able to be treated with a Bone Marrow Transplant which can save his life, which will be done sometime in 2011 in Minnesota. My husband suffered 2 strokes recently and his medical bills have been outrageous.

If anyone would like to help us with a donation, which will help our family cover our medical expenses, plus future ones involving the transplant, living in MN for 5 months, my unpaid leave of absence from work and several plane trips back and forth (at least 3, possibly more) from California, I would like to offer everyone something in return.

I have always given ALL my incredimail letters for free, and many are still FREE on this website (see below), but if you donate $20, you'll be given the link to download over 1,200 high quality Incredimail letters, in over 40 Categories (including Angels, TV, Seasonal, Holidays, Celebrities, Movies, Travel, Romance, Dollz, Awareness, Anime and many more!), the vast majority of which are not and have never been available on the free site. All in ONE download! Each category has his own Collection, so in one click every letter in that collection will be automatically installed.


Thank You so much for your kindness and generosity!

If you can't afford a $20 donation, please enjoy the free content. I truly enjoy making Incredimail Letters and sharing my work, but keep in mind the upkeep of this site is not free. If you enjoy my work and want to make sure I keep making beautiful letters, please help me out by making a small donation today. Even just a $1 goes a long way to help me! 

Thank you for your support!!

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Do you want to get my Letters delivered to your inbox as I make them?? 
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